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  • SDK Instructions Guide

    Please refer to Samsung Printing Smart UX SDK at

  • App Enrollment Guide

    1. You need the developer account to register the app. Please request it as below if you’re not the developer account.

    2. Developer can register the app via "+Add New Application" in Management menu.

    [Menu Description]

    1. Registration

    - Recommended UP/SDK Version : Insert SDK version you used to develop the app.

    - Legal Information : Insert the announcement of open source you used.

                               Developer are solely responsible for using open source.

    2. Pricing and Distribution

    - Country : Select country you want to distribute.

  • App Validation Process

    App validation process after registration is as below.

    There is validation process after app is registered.

    Validation is needed about 1~3 weeks. After it is completed, validation result will be notified to developer via email.

    If validation is passed, it will be distributed via Samsung Printing App Center.

    But if it’s failed, it will not be registered and developer should register fixed version again.

  • App Management Guide

    Developer can manage(add/update/delete) apps via Management menu.

    1. Add : You can use “+Add New Application” to add new app or update new version of registered app. Please refer to App Enrollment Guide.

    * Notices : You should use same App ID to update new version of registered app. If not, it will be registered as new app.

    2. Update : You can update app’s information( Registration/Description/Distribution ) after selecting a app in app list.

    3. Delete : You can delete registered app via “delete” button in app list.

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